Once upon a time, there was a little boy, with time on his hand.

"What to do?" he said.

"What to say?" and then his mind wandered along the depth of the oceans and heavens did collide,

or so it was said, though it happened mainly in his head.
How to make sense of life, it's different roads and it's strange contraditions?


Always being torn between right and wrong.

Searching while the longing became stronger for going back home.

Sooner than later, the boy became a young man.

And the need for some kind of experience set in, discovering the pleasure of the skin.

Drawn towards the outskirts of town, the panic arises within.


"What shall I do with my time?" he asked.

Reflections turned the tables, of witch he found himself able - to extract knowledge...

Yes, to look and find, and reach deep into images of the mind.


Connecting this with sound - ohh the pleasure that could be.

If only the young man could be not just one, but with thee.
so it came about that we, The Black Leaves, surely would be.

Not just one or two, but more than three.